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3Rensho decal set 1 with extra pair of 3Rensho decals for the front forks

The 3Rensho Super Record Export is a legendary bicycle that has earned a reputation as one of the most high-performance race machines in the world. Known for its sleek design and exceptional build quality, this bike has been a staple in the cycling community for decades, and remains a favorite of enthusiasts and collectors alike.

One of the defining characteristics of the 3Rensho Super Record Export is its exceptional craftsmanship. The bike was hand-built in Japan by skilled artisans who put painstaking attention to detail into every aspect of its construction. From the frame to the components, every part of the bike was crafted to the highest standards of precision and durability.

The frame of the 3Rensho Super Record Export is made from lightweight, high-strength steel tubing, which provides an incredibly smooth and responsive ride. The bike's geometry is designed to optimize performance, with a slightly sloping top tube and aggressive angles that allow for maximum power transfer and maneuverability.

The bike's componentry is equally impressive. The Super Record groupset from Campagnolo delivers precision shifting and braking, while the 3T cockpit provides a comfortable and responsive riding position. The wheels are typically built with high-end components like Shimano Dura-Ace hubs and Mavic rims, which further enhance the bike's performance capabilities.

Although the 3Rensho Super Record Export is no longer in production, its legacy lives on in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts around the world. It remains a highly sought-after collector's item, and its iconic design has influenced countless other high-end bicycles over the years.

In conclusion, the 3Rensho Super Record Export is a truly exceptional bicycle that represents the pinnacle of performance and craftsmanship. Its combination of fast, responsive handling and sleek, elegant design make it a true legend in the world of cycling, and a must-have for serious enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether you're looking to ride competitively or simply appreciate the finest that the cycling world has to offer, the 3Rensho Super Record Export is sure to impress.

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