Reynolds Tubing Decals / Transfers


We know how much your successful bicycle restoration depends on accurate Tubing decals and that many fine classic bicycles were built with Reynolds Tubing.  Reynolds 531, for example, was the first choice of many frame builders and bicycle manufacturers for many years and was the material of many Tour de France winning bikes.

We would like to supply the reproduction Reynolds decals that you need, but Reynolds Technology Limited, owners of the trademark, will not let us.  They threatened us with legal action if we did not comply.


It does their company no harm if we make and sell reproductions of obsolete transfers and it is of great benefit to the Classic Cycle community if reproductions are readily available.  They are harming you with no benefit to themselves or anyone else.  We call that selfish.

We do not dispute their intellectual property rights under law, we just think they should do the right thing and allow others to use their obsolete images in recognition of all the support that cyclists have given them over the years.  They also do not seem to grasp the fact that it would help keep their name in the forefront of people's minds and generate goodwill.

You probably came to this website because you are interested in classic bikes and their restoration.  Our aim is to encourage and facilitate this hobby and we think it will benefit us all if Reynolds Technology Limited change their position on the reproduction of obsolete Reynolds Decals (Transfers, Stickers)