Helyett Decals

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Helyett Speciale.  Style introduced after Jacques Anquetil's 1967 Tour de France victory and fitted to the bikes he rode.  Substantially unchanged until the cessation of the Helyett team in 1962.  Includes representation of head badge.  Some examples of this model had an Helyett decal (included) on the left fork blade.

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Helyett Set 1


Helyett Type Professionnel decal set as used from the early 1950s until 1960/61 when the stripes were changed.

Helyett Set 300


Helyett Record de l'Heure decal stickers set

Helyett Type Record de l'Heure (Hour Record) decal set as used on top tier Speciale bikes after Anquetil's 1956 Hour Record until superseded by Type Tour de France following Anquetil's 1957 TdF victory.

Helyett Set 400


Helyett Special decal set 1958 to 1960/1

Helyett Speciale decal set similar to Set 1 above with integrated white seat tube panel

Helyett Set 500


Helyett Speciale Decals 1960 onwards

Helyett Speciale decal set similar to Set 500 but with different stripes introduced in 1960/61

Helyett Set 600